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From June 1st, Anshun Small Car Driver's License can be Acquired through “National Tests”   

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牛牛赌钱技巧 www.ychc.cc   On April 13, it was learned from the Anshun Vehicle Management Department that from June 1 this year, as long as one holds the ID card, he can apply for a small car driver's license directly anywhere in the country, no longer need to submit a residence registration certificate, realizing "one card test" across the whole country. In addition, if the place of residence changes, those uncompleted subjects can also be tested in other places to finish the remaining subjects.

  Recently, the newly announced measures of the public security department mentioned that the driver’s license can be acquired through tests in difference places. Applicants can apply for a small driver’s license at any place nationwide with their ID cards. No need to submit a residence registration certificate.

  In addition, sub-subject examinations can be implemented in different places. Applicants who have passed some of the subjects and have changed their place of residence to other places due to work, study, life, etc., can apply for change of the examination place and continue to participate in the remaining subject examinations in order to reduce the burden of travelling costs.

  Not only small cars, but also the application for large and medium-sized vans can be applied for in different places in the province (district). Motorcycles will also carry out cross-provincial (regional, municipal) inspections without the need for entrusted inspection procedures to achieve "national inspection" of motorcycles. Motorcycles that have been registered for less than 6 years are exempt from inspection by inspection agencies.

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