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Anshun Received more than 20 Million Visitors in the First Quarter, up 33.09% year-on-year.   

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牛牛赌钱技巧 www.ychc.cc   Recently, we learned from the Municipal Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau that in the first quarter of 2019, the city received 20.2548 million tourists, an increase of 33.09% over the same period last year, gaining 20.557 billion yuan in tourism revenue, an increase of 33.42% over the same period last year.

  Since this year, in order to promote the development of cultural tourism industry, Anshun City has held a promotion meeting to attract foreign investment in tourism industry. Eighteen leading and exemplary projects, such as the Wizard of Oz Pastoral Complex and Ninggu Cultural Tourism Town, have been successfully signed with a total investment of 38.8 billion yuan. At the same time, Anshun City has actively applied for 29 cultural tourism construction projects such as the Ziyun Yalu King Cultural City and the protection and utilization of Guanling Tea-horse Road, and has organized tourism commodity production enterprises to participate in the 11th China International Tourism Commodity Fair and the 2019 China Tourism Commodity Competition.

  In terms of tourism infrastructure, 24 of the "1+5 100 projects" have been constructed with an investment of 66.2 million yuan; 15 tourist toilets were constructed with an investment of 1.61 million yuan; 9 projects of healthy leisure tourism projects are in progress.

  In the process of establishing national tourism demonstration zones, Anshun has broken down the checking indicators, regularly conducted self-checks and self-correction, and held special conferences on weak points such as tourism distribution centers and intelligent tourism platforms, achieving remarkable results. This year, as the only invited city in Guizhou Province, Anshun enrolled in the "China Rape flowers Tourism Promotion Alliance" to expand the promotion of Rape flowers tourism culture; the joint tourism promotion conference of Chengyang (Qingdao), Chengxian (Gansu), Guanling, and Juye (Shandong) was held in Guanling Autonomous County, promoting the East-West cooperation. The Spring Flower Appreciation tourism promotion was held; the city also participated in the online selection of "Guizhou's favorite tourist attractions", using micro-tourism platform to promote more than 180 pieces of information such as Anshun tourism culture and route strategy, with a total click of more than 800,000 times.

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